Easter 2011 Press Release

Any comments on recent press releases?
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Easter 2011 Press Release

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Damn, it’s Easter, see how the time flies. Well, we’re here to say that we’re still alive and no, we’re not finished yet.

Actually, we have made several important decisions for the benefit of the game, but to the detriment of the release date. Most notably, we have restored an entire location that was already slated for the expansion pack, back into the vanilla game. The town was cut back when the team consisted of around 3 active members. Now we have more members and it is imperative that this town is brought back to life. Also, we have decided that despite the third makeover, the initial town of Elko wasn't up to our expectations and have scrapped it completely. Constant updating and adapting have ruined the nature of Elko, so it was easier to start from zero. Elko is now being remade with entirely new maps, new dialogue, new design and new scripts (as well as some shiny new art). We are proud to say that it is much truer to the spirit of Fallout than it has ever been (For the first time ever the whole team is happy with the town and we will NEVER touch it again). Finally, we are working extensively on Las Vegas’ design to make it shine in its own MR way, which will be much different from Obsidian’s New Vegas’ allure.

Of other news, we are very happy to share with you our take on the famous ‘War. War never changes.” line. The cutscene was made by our fellow modder, a full-time member of the EC: Paris TC mod, you know him, you love him, Aguirre. Voice over was provided by Brian Sfinas aka Cunningandvalor, who also did voice work on several of our Talking Head NPCs. We also have a new, stunning world map created by .Pixote. the Awesome and some cool ending screens.

Eyecandy aside, we would like to emphasise that our primary goal is to create a fun gaming experience faithful to the spirit of Fallout and that means we have also been working hard on our scripting and writing. To illustrate this, we’re presenting you with this less-known side of our project (yeah, we were late for April’s Fools):

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