Mini games

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Mini games

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(Really don't know where to create this topic.)

Speaking with a hard russian accent:
Hi, guys. I'm looking for help.
Some time ago i started my own project, FO2 slot machine. There was Mills High Top in FONV, so i've decided to use Mills Black Cherry. But unfortunately, i am suck at modelling and especially texturing, and the work stopped. Later i discovered, that Black Cherry doesn't fit good in Fallout world, and i thought, what if create own unique design of slot machine, based only on small FO2 scenery image. I liked this idea, but as i said earlier, my modelling skills are not enough.

What help i am looking for? First, i need someone who can draw a sketch of FO2 slot machine, based on FO2 scenery image, so i could create 3d model. Second, i am looking for someone with Google SketchUp modelling and rendering skills. Please, reply.

Some eye candy for your pleasure:
Mills Black Cherry: Image . Image . Image . Image

In action:

FO2 slot machine: Image . Image . Image
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Re: Mini games

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MariaA wrote:That's terrible you don't have a plan.
If you really want think perfectly.
God has a plan... :whoa:
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Mini games

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I think these script will be really useful for me and the others. I really want the Driving Mini Game and Galaga one, but if you dont mind may I give an idea?

Spoiler click here
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